What do we collect?

The Holden Historical Society collects and preserves items that relate to the history of the town of Holden. This includes any and all items that capture an aspect of events that have transpired in Holden. Besides the older items that many would consider an antique, the Society seeks to preserve items from more recent times.

These items can include photographs, printed documents, or any item that has a Holden connection.

What happens to items added to the Society's collection?

All items added to the Society's collections are first recorded and documented. The Society makes every attempt to preserve all materials in the best possible manner that best preserves them for the long term. Paper items are stored in acid-free envelopes. Larger items are boxed or stored in a manner that keeps them in an environment that will ensure their long-term stability.

Do we collect textiles?

Yes, the Historical Society does collect textiles. But because of the expense and the amount of space that textiles require to be stored properly, the Society accepts textiles under certain conditions. The Society will only accept a textile if it has a strong and direct connection to some aspect of Holden's past.

How can I make a donation to the collections?

If you have an item or a collection of items that you think would be appropriate for the Historical Society, you can contact the curator.