A joint meeting between the Holden Historical Society and the Holden Grange is held annually in April at Memorial Hall, Holden Town Hall. On this occasion the yearly awards are presented to Grange members for participation, as well as a special award honoring a good citizen for contributions to the community. A program follows, a speaker on a topic of general interest, or some local entertainment. One year the Grange provides refreshments and the Society arranges for the program, and the roles are switched on the alternate year.


The annual meeting of the Holden Historical Society is held in May with a dinner, usually a church supper, election of officers, and a brief business meeting. A speaker, or artist, or impersonator of a historical figure provides the evenings entertainment.

Also in May, the Holden Garden Club holds their annual plant sale on the grounds of the Hendricks House, usually the second Saturday of the month.


The Holden Historical Society, in conjunction with the Holden Historical Commission hosts a flea market on the grounds of the Hendricks House, participating in the town wide Holden Days. Approximately 24 vendors participate, setting up tables on the lawn, selling crafts, antiques, collectibles, and white elephant items. The Hendricks House is open to visitors at this time. The Society has a sales table for books and gift items, with the profits going to the maintenance fund of the Hendricks House.

This is usually the last Saturday in August.


The Holden Woman's Club holds their annual wreath sale at the Hendricks House, usually the first Saturday in December. The society maintains a gift table for holiday shoppers at the same time.