Gift shop items are available at the Hendricks House, 1157 Main Street, Holden, MA, on most Saturday mornings from 9 am to noon.

Contact the Curator: csteach@charter.net

Items also available by mail. Please make checks payable to Holden Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 421, Holden, MA 01520. For shipping, add $3.00 per item.

(actual color)

(lightened to show detail)

Cup Plate
Cobalt blue glass, 3 1/2 inches, embossed with First Meeting House, Holden, MA, 1737. Boxed, $10.00. (Left image shows true color. Right image shows detail.)

Blank inside. 4.5 x 6 inches, package of five with envelopes. Reproduction of a watercolor painting of Holden Center by Mary Estes-Zywar featuring Starbard Building, Town Hall and First Congregational Church. $5.00 per package.

"Entering Holden" sign, 1.5 x 1.75 inches. $1.00 each.

Exclusive Sampler Kit
An adaptation of the original Elizabeth Bailey Sampler, 1818. Approximately 7.5 x 8 inches. Linen fabric and silk thread: $38.00. Cotton fabric and cotton thread: $20.00.

Giclee Print of Holden Common by Frank Bly
11 x 14 inches. Matted and signed. $30.00.


Holden High School, Alonzo K. Learned High School. Constructed in 1926 and later used as Holden Junior High School. 7.5 x 3 inches. $19.95.

Chaffins School. Constructed in 1923 with later additions. 8 x 3.5 inches. $19.95.

Jefferson School. Constructed in 1891 with later additions. 6 x 3.25 inches. $19.95.


God Willed It: Stories of the 19th century Missionaries from the First Religious Society of Holden
By Jane P. Neale. 1996, 114 pages. $20.00.

Samuel Holden: The Man Who Never Came to Holden
By Jane P. Neale. 1999, 82 pages. $20.00.

A Pictorial History of Holden, Massachusetts
Produced by the Holden Historical Society. Edited by Skillings, Nelson, and Beales. Published in 1991. Softcover, 144 pages. $20.00.