Edith Florence Hendricks

On 17 March 1884 Edith Florence Hendricks was the second child born of Charles Louis and Mathilda Olsson Hendricks. The family was living at 23 Carbon Street at the time. Edith was fifteen months old when the family moved to its Holden home.

Edith attended the Center School and graduated from Holden High School in 1903. In 1910 she is listed as a being a teacher at Chaffin School (District #3).

Edith Florence Hendricks

Edith never married and studied art at Worcester Art Museum. She developed into a noted local artist. After her mother's death in 1926, Edith remained at home with her sister, Jennie, and helped support the family.

Edith died on 22 April 1969, at age eighty-five. Her death was listed as arteriosclerotic heart disease plus the contributing condition of Parkinson's disease. She willed her body to Harvard Medical School, after which the remains were cremated and burial conducted in Pink Hill Cemetery at Tewksbury. She was later removed to Grove Cemetery in Holden, MA.