Henning Vitalis Hendricks

Henning Vitalis Hendricks was the eldest son born to Charles Louis and Mathilda Olsson Hendricks on 18 February 1882. The family was living at 11 Belmont Street when Henning was born. The family moved into their Holden home when Henning was age three.

Henning attended the Center School in Holden and graduated from Holden High School at age sixteen in 1898. Principal Alonzo K. Learned voluntarily tutored Henning for another year before he entered Worcester Polytechnical Institute (WPI) in 1899. He graduated in 1903 and from Harvard University Medical School in 1909. He later became a physician in Michigan. Inspired by Miss Stimson, one of the high school teachers, Henning developed a life-long interest in botany.

Henning Vitalis Hendricks

Henning married Jennie M. Burnett of Underhill, VT on 14 June 1914. Henning Vitalis Hendricks was the only child of Charles Louis and Mathilda Olsson Hendricks to have children. Edith Phyllis Hendricks Gosling was born 7 July 1916 in Traverse City, MI. Charles Henning Hendricks was born 26 October 1917 in Traverse City, MI. Edna Mathilda Hendricks Shoner was born 3 July 1920 in Traverse City, MI. The fourth child, Burton B. Hendricks, was also born in Traverse City, MI on 10 February 1923. The last of Henning's and Jennie's children was Dwight Tyler Hendricks, born on 15 January 1932 in Kalkaska, MI.

Henning died at his home in Kalkaska, Michigan on 18 March 1960 of colon cancer at age seventy-eight. He is buried in Kalkaska Cemetery, Kalkaska, MI.