In 1864 and 1865, a stone dam, eighty-five feet long, later extended to one hundred and fifteen feet, was built across the Quinapoxet River at the site of the Springdale Mill. A two-set wooden mill was then erected, but was burned in 1875. A stone shoddy mill had been put up in 1874, and in 1876, a four-set stone mill was built by G. J. Smith. In 1892, James Dorr, after making extensive repairs began manufacturing satinets there. This business was continued until 1905, when the property was taken over by the Metropolitan Water Commission. At that time the village consisted of a mill, a picker house, stock house, two barns, a four-tenement house, four two-tenement houses, and water power, all valued at $19,605.

Source: Florence Newell Prouty, History of the Town of Holden, Massachusetts, 1667–1941 (Holden, Mass.: 200th Anniversary Committee for the Town of Holden, 1941), 166.