Serving at New Rutland

Metcalf, Jonathan
Rice, Jotham

Serving in a Lancaster Company commanded by Asa Whetcomb,
on the Crown Point Expedition

Bennett, Ephraim (died in active service)

Serving in 1755 for three weeks at Lake George

Allen, Benjamin
Boyd, Samuel
Fisher, William, Sergeant
Flagg, Richard
Lindsey, Jacob

Serving in 1757

Bigelow, Samuel

Serving in 1758

Estabrook, Jedidiah
Fletcher, Ebenezer
Harris, Job
Rice, Henry

A muster Roll of a Detachment of men from Capt. John Bigelow Company of Holdin of Colo. John Chandler Jr. Regiment that marched on the Late alarm for the Relief of fort William Henry under the command of John Bigelow as their Captain who marched from Holden to Sheffield being 113 mile out. All served 17 days closing Aug. 19, 1758.

Allen, Benjamin
Barber, Willaim
Bigelow, John, Captain
Boyd, Samuel
Child, John, Sergeant
Davis, Simon, Sergeant
Dryden, Thomas
Estabrook, Jedidiah
Fisher, Gideon
Flagg, William, Corporal
Fletcher, Ebenezer
Goodnow, Ebenezer
Greenwood, Joseph, Sergeant
Greenwood, Thomas
Harris, Job
Hubbard, Samuel, Ensign
Mirick, Elisha
Raymond, Paul, Corporal
Smith, Andrew, Corporal
Smith, Isaac, Segeant
Thompson, Isaac
Thompson, Samuel
Wheeler, Moses, Corporal

In 1759 the following serverd nearly nine months each:

Bigelow, Samuel, Sergeant
Estabrook, Jeddidiah
Estabrook, Samuel
Fletcher, Ebenezer, 1st Lieut.
Goodnow, Ebenezer
Harris, Job
Hubbard, Samuel
Murphy, John
Rice, Henry
Thompson, Samuel
Woodward, John

In 1760 for the reduction of Canada

Miles, Richard (born in Ireland, age 36)

In 1761, there served in "Thomas Cowdine's Co." til December 2nd:

Cotton, Noah, enlisted June 20
Cotton, Thomas, enlisted June 30
Crage, James, enlisted June 18
Crage, Thomas, enlisted June 18
McMaster, William, enlisted June 18
Train, Robert, enlisted June 30
Whitney, Isaac, served from June 29th to November 17th

In 1762, there served in "Thomas Cowdine's Co.":

Bigelow, Nathan, enlisted March 22
Cutler, James, enlisted March 24
Harris, Job, Sergeant, enlisted March 17
Sprout, Isaac, enlisted March 22
All service ended November 10th

In 1766 in Captain Fay's Company:

Goodenough, Ithamar

Roll of Major Paul Raymond Company of Militia who marched from Holden in the County of Worcester to Cambridge on the 19th of April A.D. 1775

Allen, Jesse
Black, Daniel
Broad, Aaron
Chaffin, Samuel, Serg't.
Child, John, Jr., 2nd Lieut.
Davis, Israel, Jr.
Estabrook, Ebenezer, Serg't.
Estabrook, Samuel, Jr.
Fisk, David
Flagg, William
Fletcher, Joseph
Gleason, Jason
Harrington, Nat., Lieut.
Harris, Valentine
Heywood, Amos
Heywood, Charles
Holt, Amasa
Hubbard, Amos
Kimball, Thomas
Lovell, Amos
Lovell, Asa
Mack, John
Mirick, Elisha, Serg't.
Morse, Timothy
Perry, David
Potter, David
Potter, John
Raymond, Amos
Raymond, Paul, Major
Raymond, William
Rice, Jonathan
Smith, David
Stickney, Zillai
Stratton, Josiah
Symond, John
Wheeler, Moses
Willington, John
Winch, David

Roll of Capt. James Davis, in Col. Doolittle's Reg. Marched April 19th 1775

Black, Jacob
Brown, Isaiah
Cheney, Isaiah, Jr.
Cheney, James
Davis, James, Capt.
Davis, Thomas
Dodd, John
Dryden, Artemas, Fifer
Dryden, Thomas
Fisk, Jonathan
Gale, Joshua
Goodale, Paul
Grout, Daniel, Corporal
Hall, Edmund
Haven, Noah, Corporal
Howe, Jonathan
Hubbard, Elisha, Serg't.
Hubbard, Peter
Hubbard, Samuel, 2nd Lieut.
Hurd, Thomas
McMullen, John
Metcalf, Jabez
Oben, John
Partridge, Jesse
Rice, Elijah, Jr.
Row, Samuel
Sheppard, Nathaniel
Smith, Ephraim
Snow, Seth, Corporal
Stearns, Bartholomew
Stickney, Simon
Taft, Henry, Corporal
Thompson, Samuel, 1st Lieut.
Willson, Francis, Serg't.
Winch, John
Wheeler, Aaron
Wheeler, Jonathan
Wheeler, Nathan
Wright, Judah

List of soldiers in the Continental Army

Abbott,John, died 1799, aged 61 — Old Burying Ground
Allard, Andrew
Bailey, John
Bartlett, Jonathan
Jeremiah, Blake, died 1837, aged 90 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Boston, Philip
Bougle, Thomas
Brown, David, died 1841, aged 86 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Cheney, Ebenezer
Davis, Levi
Davis, Samuel
Davis, Solomon
Davis, Thomas, Corporal, died 1840, aged 87 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Drury, William, died 1850, aged 92 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Dryden, Artemas, died 1840, aged 83 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Eaton, Samuel
Ebet, William
Fisk, David
Flagg, Jonathan, died 1814, aged 87 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Flagg, William
Foster, Elisha
Fuller, Jeremiah
Gay, Amasa
Grant, Samuel
Greenwood, Asa, died 1823, aged 61 — Old Burying Ground
Griffin, John
Harrington, Lemuel (Herrington & Herring)
Harringon, Micah
Harrinngton, Nathan, 1st Lieut.
Harrington, Samuel
Heard, Thomas
Heywood, David
Heywood, Lemuel, Captain
Heywood, Levi
Holt, Ephraiam, Jr.
Holmes, William Thomas
Howe, Abraham
Hubbard, Able, Corporal
Hubbard, Samuel, 2nd Lieut. died 1823, aged 81 — Old Burying Ground
Jolls, Thomas
Joseph Hubbard, died 1832, aged 81 — Old Burying Ground
Jones, Abel
Keyes, Ezra
Kimball, Thomas
Lovell, Nathan, died 1792, aged 79 — Old Burying Ground
Mahana, John
Nichols, David
Parker, Timothy, died 1809, aged 79 — Old Burying Ground
Partridge, Peter
Perry, Daniel
Perry, John
Peter, Simon
Potter, David
Potter, James
Raymond, Willaim, died 1780, aged 56 — Old Burying Ground
Rice, Ezra
Row, Samuel
Smith, Asa
Stearns, Increase, died 1830, aged 67 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Stearns, Increase, Jr.
Samuel Stratton, died 1838, aged 74 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Stevens, Thomas
Stickney, Barzillai
Turner, Bezaleel, died 1839, aged 89 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Webb, George, Captain, died 1825, aged 85 — Old Burying Ground
Wheeler, Moses
Wheeler, Nathan
Wheeler, Thomas
Williams, John

Total List of Militia Men called into active service during the War of the Revolution

Allen, Jesse
Black, Daniel, died 1808, aged 58 — Old Burying Ground
Black, Jacob, Captain
Black, John, Corporal
Broad, Aaron
Brown, Isiah, 1st Lieut.
Chaffin, Samuel, Sergeant
Chaffin, Tilla, died 1838, aged 76 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Chenery, Isaac, died 1822, aged 80 — Old Burying Grouond
Chenery, Isiah, Jr.
Chenery, James
Chenery, Solomon, C., died 1826, aged 68 — Old Burying Ground
Child, John, Jr., 2nd Lieut
Clemens, Jonathan
Crosby, Sparrow, died 1836, aged 81 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Davis, Edmund, died 1832, aged 72 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Davis, Israel, Jr., died 1791, aged 74 — Old Burying Ground
Davis, James, Capt., died 1821, aged 87 — Old Burying Ground
Davis, James, Jr.
Davis, Jonathan
Dodd, John, died 1810, aged 55 — Old Burying Ground
Dryden, Thomas
Estabrook, Ebenezer, Serg't., died 1811, aged 55 — Old Burying Ground
Estabrook, Samuel, Jr.
Fisk, Jonathan, Serg't.
Fletcher, James
Gale, Joshua
Gleason, Jason
Goodale, Paul
Grout, Daniel, Serg't.
Hall, Edmund
Harris, Valentine
Haven, Noah, Serg't.
Heard, William
Heywood, Amos (also Howard), died 1792, aged 73 — Old Burying Ground
Heywood, Charles
Heywood, John
Heywood, Samuel
Hinds, Daniel
Hinds, Nimrod
Holbrook, David
Holt, Amasa
Howe, Jonathan, died 1821, aged 69 — Old Burying Ground
Howe, Joseph
Howe, Jotham
Hubbard, Amos
Hubbard, Attai (died in service)
Hubbard, Elisha, Serg't., died 1814, aged 69 — Old Burying Ground
Hubbard, Levi
Hubbard, Peter, died 1826, aged 72 — Old Burying Ground
Keyes, Isaac
Keyes, Israel
Lovell, Amos
Lovell, Asa (also Lowell)
Mack, John
Manning, Israel, died 1821, aged 65 — Old Burying Ground
McMullen, John
Marshall, Timothy
Mead, Benjamin, Jr.
Metcalf, Jabez
Mirick, Elisha, Serg't., died 1807, aged 72 — Old Burying Grouund
Moore, Jonathan, died 1807, aged 84 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Morse, Timothy
Nichols, Jonathan
Obens, John, Serg't.
Parmenter, Solomon, died 1839, aged 82 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Partridge, Jesse, Corporal, died 1838, aged 90 — Old Burying Ground
Perry, David
Potter, John
Raymond, Amos
Raymond, Paul, Major
Rice, Elihah, Jr.
Rice, Jonathan
Robinson, Jeremiah
Sargent, Daniel
Shepherd, Nathaniel, Corporal
Smith, David, died 1826, aged 67 — Old Burying Ground
Smith, Ephraim
Smith, Joab, died 1829, aged 70 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Snow, Aventon
Snow, Seth, Corporal
Stearns, Bartholomew
Stickney, Simeon
Symonds, John
Taft, Henry, Corporal
Thompson, Phineas
Thompson, Samuel, Corporal, died 1787, aged 52 — Old Burying Ground
Turner, Bezaleel
Walker, Hezekiah, died 1837, aged 87 — Park Avenue Cemetery
Webb, Constant
Wheeler, Aaron
Wheeler, Jonathan
Willington, John
Wilson, Francis, Ensign
Winch, David
Winch, Francis
Winch, John, died 1807, aged 71 — Old Burying Ground
Wright, Judah