District 2:
The Estabrook's — Unionville

The school at Unionville was located near the corner of Wachusett Street and Bullard Street next to the Unionville Mill across the street from Unionville Pond. The citizens of this section of town were likely the first to set aside a parcel of land to be used for school purposes.

May 19, 1760 - The town voted "that the Easterly part of this town have Liberty to Build a School House upon there own Charges and to be Exempt from Building any other in this Town." It does not appear that a building was constructed at this time.

December 1761 - The town again considered to "Put to Vote to See if the Town would Reconsider their vote in the year 1760 with Regard to Setting of the Easterly End of the Town as a School District the Vote Being put it passed in the Negative."

1841 - State reports indicate that the brick schoolhouse familiar to most people, was built during the 1841–42 school year and replaced an existing building.

March 4, 1844 - The school committee report states, "District No. 2 have a house on a good model & they have a model school too. In respect to neatness, good, [sic] order and proficiency in learning, that District, instead of being No. 2 is No. 1. It is the banner school, and no small part of this desirable condition as well as the peculiar interest which is felt by the inhabitants of that District generally, in the school results from their neat, commodious & comfortable school house. Since that house was remodeled, it has been used nearly two years, summer and winter, & you wd scarcely know from its appearance, that a hand or foot had been into it. The walls look as if the paper had just been put on, and the seats & desks as if they had just been made. And the faces, hands & clothes of the scholars correspond with the house. And it is perfectly natural - Mankind are to a great extent, in spite of themselves, influenced by the circumstances by which they are surrounded. And it is peculiarly so with children. Keep a boy in a pigpen & he will look like a pig & act like a pig. But keep him in a neat pleasant room & the good effects upon his taste & habits will be very manifest."

1846 - In the March 2, 1846 School Committee Report, the schoolhouse is described as "convenient & pleasant."

1877 - New out-buildings were constructed in 1877.

1886 - The school closed for the winter session of 1886 and the autumn term of 1887.

1888 - Again in 1888, better sanitary arrangements were made at the school.

1893 - New shingling was done on the roof in 1893.

Unionville School as seen from Wachusett Street
at the intersection of Bullard Street

1898 - It was also closed for the spring term of 1898.

Unionville interior, 1900

1901 - The school closed for the fall and winter sessions of 1901 and for the entire following year.

Unionville School

1929 - In 1929 the Unionville School closed and all students began attending school at Rice School. Mrs. Katherine A. Prue purchased the building. Yearly reunions were held there by former students.

1935 - The building was destroyed by fire in 1935.

Known Teachers

1859 - Nancy Perry, William P. Bigelow

1860 - Miss Martha Moore, Mr. E. L. Barnard

1861 - Miss Janette Paine, Mr. Joseph H. Gleason

1862 - E. L. Bryant, Miss Janette Paine, Capt. J. H. Gleason

1863 - Sarah J. Colvin

1864 -

1865 - Mary M. Newell, Sarah J. Colvin

1866 - Mary M. Newell, Sarah J. Colvin

1867 - Miss Martha Moore, Lizzie A. White, Eunice C. Boyden

1868 - Eunice C. Boyden

1869 - Mary F. Colburn, J. M. Wilson

1870 - 1871 -Nancy Perry, W. D. Chenery

1872 - Nancy Perry, W. D. Chenery

1873 - M. F. Coburn, M. V. Damon, L. A. Pope

1874 - Alice A. Fernald, Jennie L. Titus

1875 -

1876 - Ella M. Adams, H. M. Greenwood

1877 - H. M. Greenwood

1878 - H. M. Greenwood

1879 - H. M. Greenwood, Emma M. Bemis

1880 - H. M. Greenwood, H. E. Houghton

1881 - Addie M. Black, Nellie M. Davis, Fannie D. Martin

1882 - H. M. Greenwood, Nellie M. Davis, Myra C. Healy

1883 - Nellie M. Davis, Mary W. Leonard

1884 - Nellie M. Davis, Mamie A. Leonard

1885 - Mamie A. Leonard, Lila S. Boyden

1886 - Lila S. Boyden, Hattie I. Gleason

1887 - N. D. Chamberlain

1888 - Belle M. Rice

1889 - Jennie B. Rice

1890 - Miss Jennie B. Rice

1891 - Miss Jennie B. Rice

1892 - Miss Jennie B. Rice, Maud E. Graham

1893 - Miss Jennie B. Rice, Maud E. Graham

1894 - Lucy P. Boyden, Maude A. Moulton

1895 - Lois M. Hubbard

1896 - Bertha E. Graham

1897 - Bertha E. Graham, Clara P. Howe

1898 - Josie L. Carey

1899 - Josie L. Carey

1900 - Josie L. Carey, Alice E. Buck

1901 - Alice E. Buck

1902 - NO SCHOOL

1903 - Ellen R. Bohan, Clare H. Groby

1904 - Florence Kirby, Mary E. Lamberton

1905 - Mary E. Lamberton, Agnes L. Kirby

1906 - Agnes L. Kirby

1907 - Agnes L. Kirby

1908 - Agnes L. Kirby, Margaret Balcom, Mary F. Donovan

1909 - Mary F. Donovan, Helen G Ayer & Anna Lynch, Joseph M. Tracy

1910 - Joseph M. Tracy

1911 - Joseph M. Tracy, Mary King

1912 - Gladys W. Spaulding, Mildred Burt

1913 - Mildred Burt, Nellie F. O'Neil

1914 - Ethel P. Brady

1915 - Ethel P. Brady

1916 - Ethel P. Brady

1917 - Ethel P. Brady

1918 - Ethel P. Brady

1919 - Mary B. Finnigan & J. Etta Wheeler

1920 - Helena K. Rutherford

1921 - Helena K. Rutherford

1922 - Helena K. Rutherford

1923 - Helena K. Rutherford

1924 - Helena K. Rutherford

1925 - Freida M. Parker

1926 - Clara B. Whitney

1927 - Clara B. Whitney

1928 - Clara B. Whitney