District 4:
The Flagg's — South Part

This schoolhouse was located on the north side of Reservoir Street between the old Asnebumskit and Howard Hill Roads. The school and its property were taken by the city of Worcester in 1890 when it began the construction of the Kendall Reservoir.

1773 - In January of 1773 the sixth article on the town warrant read, "(6) To see if the Town will allow Richard Flaggs Corner one year of their School money to help them finish their School House." This article passed in the affirmative. It is not known if the vote of 1773 ever produced a building.

1840 - Records indicate a building of some type in the early 1840s.

1879 - The roof was reshingled in 1879.

1886 - Damage occurred to the school during the time it was closed for the winter of 1886. The schoolhouse was repaired and opened the next spring.

South Part School students about 1880

1889 - The interior of the school was renovated in 1889. This school district always suffered low student populations. Eventually the students from this school district merged with that of District #11.

South Part School about 1889

1890 - On March 1, 1890 the Water Committee of Worcester informed the School Committee that they intended to demolish the school house for the purpose of building a reservoir for the city of Worcester.

1892 - In its March 2, 1892 report the School Committee stated that the school building had been torn down during the previous year.

Known Teachers

1859 - F. P. Proctor, E. Boyden, Silas Flagg

1860 - Miss Carrie E. Knowlton

1861 - Miss Marietta Holt, Miss Carrie E. Knowlton

1862 - Miss Carrie E. Knowlton, Miss Marietta Holt

1863 - Addie N. Tolman, Ellen Merrick

1864 -

1865 - Lucy Moore

1866 - Lucy Moore

1867 - Fronnie D. Allen, Eldora Burnett

1868 - Mary E. Flagg

1869 - A. E. Holden, Mary E. Flagg

1870 -

1871 - A. H. Chamberlain, Effie J. Phelps, C. T. Foster

1872 - A. H. Chapman, Effie J. Phelps, C. T. Foster

1873 - Annie C. Howe (Spring Term was united with District #11.)

1874 - Mattie A. Holden, Flora C. Holt (There was no Autumn Term.)

1875 -

1876 - Etta A. Fogg, Emma N. Turner, Lewellen Harrington

1877 - Martha Moore, Nellie M. Davis, M. E. Bailey

1878 - Nellie M. Davis, Abbie M. Chamberlain

1879 - Nellie M. Davis, J. Moore

1880 - Nellie M. Davis, Carrie E. Griggs, Abbie M. Chamberlain



1883 - Ada E. Mason, Myra C. Healy (There was no Winter Term.)

1884 - Hattie Gleason,, Gertrude L. Davis

1885 - Saddie I. Packard (There was no Spring or Winter Term.)

1886 - Saddie I. Packard (There was no Winter Term.)

1887 - Saddie I. Packard, N. D. Chamberlain (There was no Winter Term.)

1888 - N. D. Chamberlain There was no Winter Term

1889 - N. D. Chamberlain There was no Winter Term

1890 - Miss N. D. Chamberlain

1891 - Taken by the City of Worcester