District 9:
Lemuel Fiske's — Ruralville — Northwoods

The first school was held in the home of Lemuel Fisk. The Fisk house still stands and is on Whitney Street. The first schoolhouse was located further north where three roads came together near the foot of Estabrook Hill.

March 1805 - Voted "We Whose names are underwritten to Jointly agree to Build a School House in Mr. Johnathan Flaggs plot to build on the Road leading from Said Flaggs to the Meeting House in said Holden on a spot of Ground Between Mr. Ephraim Holts and Mr. Lemuel Fisk it being at a flat near the corner of Mr. Jonathan Estabrooks land and pay our Equal proportion according to our Polls and Valuation.

Ephraim Holt
Moses Wheeler
Ephraim Holt, Junior
Jonathan Estabrook
Lemuel Fisk
Aaron Holt
Ebenezer Haskell
Jonathan Flagg
John Holt
Eli Hubbard
Dana Frost
Thomas Wheeler

1841 - In its report of March 1, 1841 the School Committee reported that the schoolhouse was "little better than none."

1844 - The next report that mentioned the schoolhouse in this district appeared in Committee's 1844 report and stated the house was "conveniently & comfortably constructed and in neat & good condition."

1848 - The second location of the school was on Cobb Street, between Princeton Street and Whitney Street. This building was built in 1848.

1860 - School was not held for the full sox month winter term. In the annual report the Committee stated, "In No. 9, it became necessary for the teacher on account of impaired health, to leave the school a short time before the expiration of the full winter term."

1869 - The interior of the school was entirely refitted.

1879 - In 1879 the schoolhouse was painted both inside and outside.

1887 - In 1887 new desks and chairs were installed.

1888 - The exterior of the school was painted again and better sanitary arrangements were made.

1893 - A new chimney was put on the schoolhouse in 1893.

North Woods School, 1890

1918 - The school was officially closed in 1918 and sold to Thomas McCarthy who moved the building to the junction of Elmwood Street and Wachusett Street. It is currently used as a private residence.

Known Teachers

1859 - S. J. Colvin

1860 - Amelia Parker, Ellen W. Lowell

1861 - Miss Ellen W. Lowell, Miss Martha Moore

1862 - Miss Ellen W. Lowell, Miss Martha Moore

1863 - Mary A. Damon, Marion J. Phipps

1864 -

1865 - Nancy Perry

1866 - Nancy Perry

1867 - Nancy Perry, Mary E. Leland

1868 - Lucie Young, Olive G. Davis

1869 - Nellie E. Smith M. R. Nason

1870 -

1871 - Clara E. Smith, F. A. Holden, Mattie Howe

1872 - Clara E. Smith, F. A. Holden, Mattie Howe

1873 - F.A. Holden

1874 - Carrie E. Nichols, Eldora J. Burnette

1875 -

1876 - Addie A. Winn, Abbie L. Hubbard, E. Flora Cobb

1877 - Flora C. Holt

1878 - Helen B. Webber, Ella M. Adams, J. Moore

1879 - Lillian F. Newton, J. H. Gleason

1880 - Flora C. Holt, Nancy Perry, M. L. Holbrook

1881 - Nancy Perry, Carrie E. Howe, Mary C. Bowen

1882 - Cora E. Whitemore, Nancy Perry

1883 - Nancy Perry

1884 - Lina B. Johnson

1885 - Lina B. Johnson, Katie E. Whalen

1886 - Irene A. Lord

1887 - Irene A. Lord

1888 - Irene A. Lord

1889 - Irene A. Lord, Grace F. Mulcahy

1890 - Grace F. Mulcahy

1891 -Grace F. Mulcahy

1892 - Kate A. Dowd, Miss Legate, Lois M. Hubbard

1893 - Maud E. Graham

1894 - Lois M. Hubbard

1895 - Margaret M. Wilkins (NO SCHOOL during Winter Term.)

1896 - Mary E. Richards

1897 - Mary E. Richards, Alice Eberhardt

1898 - Alice Eberhardt

1899 - Luella Potter

1900 - Margaret G. Fleming

1901 - Margaret G. Fleming

1902 - Margaret G. Fleming

1903 - Margaret G. Fleming, Lillian G. Ryan

1904 - Katherine Sullivan

1905 - Margaret V. Gray

1906 - Margaret V. Gray

1907 - Margaret V. Gray, Margaret Tracy

1908 - Margaret Tracy, Laura B. Desmarais

1909 - Laura B. Desmarais

1910 - Laura B. Desmarais, Theresa E. Heffernan

1911 - Theresa E. Heffernan, Mary A. Brown (NO SCHOOL during Winter Term.)

1912 - James F. Crotty taught for eight weeks. (NO SCHOOL during Spring and Autumn Terms.)

1913 - James F. Crotty, Marie Sullivan

1914 - Marie Sullivan (The schoolhouse was closed in May for the rest of the year.)

1915 - Mae I. Goodwin

1916 - Mae I. Goodwin, Harriet McAloon

1917 - Harriet McAloon, Bertha M. Lynch